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Provider In Biz. Since Style
Kensington Tours1999 Culture & Nature
Geographic Expeditions1980 Active & Adventure
The Dude Ranchers' Association1927 Family & Friends
Travcoa1954 Culture & Nature
Horizon And Company Culture & Nature
Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours2008 Culinary & Wine Travel
Mountain Travel Sobek1969 Active & Adventure
Wilderness Travel1978 Active & Adventure
Ciclismo Classico1989 Active & Adventure
Adventures In Africa2008 Active & Adventure
Cultural Explorations2009 Culture & Nature
Elevate Destinations2008 Active & Adventure
Cox & Kings1758 Active & Adventure
Liz Caskey Culinary & Wine Experiences Culinary & Wine Travel
Myths and Mountains1991 Culture & Nature
Select Italy1997 Culinary & Wine Travel
Canoe & kayak Boats, Barges & Small Ship Cruises
Vaya Adventures Active & Adventure
Eyes On Africa Active & Adventure
Breakaway Adventures Active & Adventure

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We Believe: Trips of a lifetime are rarely found in a shopping cart. They take time to percolate. Travelers need time to dream, plan, research and discuss.

We intimately understand our two consumers—small group tour providers and the travelers interested in their experiential vacations. We should understand, as we’ve been working with them for decades.

Consumers may be booking hotels, air, day tours and short get-aways online, but for big ticket/complex trips they want to talk with a real person who intimately knows the details of the tour. They often want to call a reference, spend a few weeks discussing with family and friends, and research flights or extensions before they sign up for the trip.

Our site allows just this: consumers can research, plan, save and share but when they are ready to book, they’ll contact you, directly. Spend a bit of time poking around our site, you’ll be surprised by a few features of TravelDragon that you haven’t found on other sites.

The Best of the Best: We’ve selected the top small to medium size tour providers in the world to be featured on our site. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and know the reputations of these companies. We respect the type of tours they offer and how they run their businesses. Additionally, we have almost all of the recommended trips and providers from National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Adventure, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure, and Outside Magazine on our site.

Transparency: Our goal is to connect qualified consumers with great tour providers. We’re not interested in getting in the middle of a potential sale. We know you or your staff will make sure our travelers find the right trip for them and have a fantastic experience. We feature your company, your trips, and your website. Travelers don’t need to sign up as members to contact you and our contact forms are easy.

High Quality Leads: Before consumers contact you they’ve searched for an experience across a variety of targeted categories and found your full tour itinerary, starting price, months offered, maximum group size, comfort level, exertion level and many other featured attributes. They’ve also had the opportunity to review your provider profile pages and find out more about your company including years in business, associations, awards, sustainable travel commitments and testimonials from past guests.

Easy Loading of Tours: Our admin area of the site has been designed to require minimal time and effort adding and updating tours. Once your trips are loaded, our quick-edit interface allows you to update multiple trips' key information points rapidly.

Evergreen Content: As we are not a booking site we do not host actual inventory, tour dates, or exact tour prices. This means that your “starting prices” and “months offered” are enough to entice consumers to your site, but your content on TravelDragon will stay relevant for a very long time.

Targeted distribution networks: Traveldragon.com is only part of the TravelDragon picture. Similar to how we choose our providers, we choose like-minded partners whose businesses are inline with ours and yours. They’re interested in targeting particular consumer groups and we’ll curate their travel products via API integration/Widget and relevant content for their site curated by TravelDragon. Consumer Markets we’re specifically passionate about:

  • Boomers and “PrimeTime Travelers” (age 50-70)
  • Women
  • Families
  • LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)
  • Passionate Outdoor folks
  • Foodies

Our travelers generally fall into these specific interest categories: Adventure, Volunteering, Food and Wine, Sustainable Living, Learning, Culture and Nature.

Provider Opportunities: We’ll offer a variety of advertising and partnership opportunities allowing you to gain additional visibility and distribution for your company as well as specific product offers. Choose from campaigns that fit your budget and marketing initiatives on TravelDragon as well as a host of our other vertical web properties to target specific customers groups. If you’re interested in being part of our portfolio, register as a travel provider here.

How much does it cost to list my company's trips?

If you’ve been accepted as an operator on our site, there is no initial upfront charge or listing fee at this time. In fact, we’ll load your provider information and a portfolio of trips on the site for you. You can just update the keyword tags and details through out simple admin.

Bottom Line: We receive a commission on any of these high quality leads that you convert to a sale. You receive easy lead requests directly from our site or calls from consumers. All you need to do is set us up in your system for the referrals.

What else can we offer?

  • White label sites: If you are part of organization we can create a site with your look and feel, TravelDragon’s search platform, and a portfolio of your selected content.
  • Syndication: API and/or RSS feeds for individual providers or collections of providers based certain criteria (awards won, etc). We can also provide you with widgets you can use on your site that include your latest trips side by side with your Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube content.
  • Ingest data (spreadsheets or XML feeds) of your company's trips to get them onto the site quickly

Social media and online marketing: We love it and believe in it. We’ll help you understand how it can help your company, how to create the social media platform to share your content, and offer training to enable you and your staff to keep up. We’ll be offering webinars to keep you up to speed on the changing environment of travel and social media. We're small, agile, and market savvy.

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